reated in 2008 by hospitality entrepreneurs Remi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, Brand Essence Hospitality Group is an emerging hospitality firm located in New York City, specializing in restaurant concepts. Featuring a unique signature style and loyal customer following, Brand Essence strives to create exciting, dynamic and interactive environments with an authentic European flare. In 2010, Brand Essence opened Villa Pacri, a multi-level dining and nightlife destination in the heart of the Meatpacking District, featuring Italian-themed restaurants Villa Pacri and La Gazzetta on its first two floors with a chic subterranean bar/lounge located beneath.
Brand Essence will bring its signature style and service to other cosmopolitan destinations in 2011 and beyond, expanding acclaimed restaurant Bagatelle to Los Angeles, London, Brazil and Dubai, among others, leading up to the much-anticipated re-opening of the Bagatelle flagship in New York City. This year, Brand Essence will also introduce an innovative wine bar concept to the Meatpacking District - Vinatta Winehouse. As Brand Essence continues to evolve, Laba and Clemente maintain their dedication to superior service, strategic operations and an unparalleled ambiance for patrons in NYC, LA and around the world.